Information on Attendance

In accordance with the Ceredigion Inclusion Service Strategy for Improving School Attendance, the Governing Body aims to:

Promote and support excellent school attendance by direct work with schools, pupils & their families.

Adopt appropriate school procedures to improve attendance and set a target for attendance in line with Welsh Government and Local Education Authority (LEA) targets in the Autumn Term full Governing Body meeting.

The importance of regular attendance cannot be overestimated. Regular attendance is a prerequisite to a good education and securing it must therefore be a high priority for schools and their Governing Bodies, as well as for parents and the pupils themselves. By failing to attend regularly, pupils diminish the value of the education provided for them. They may also damage the learning of others because fluctuations in the size of pupil groups may restrict the scope for effective teaching.

The approach to attendance relates to a wide range of other issues, including punctuality, rewards and incentives, re-integration of long-term absentees, curricular differentiation, home-school links and the role of the Local Education Authority (LEA).

At Plascrug School, the Headteacher has overall responsibility for attendance.