About Our School

Plascrug Community Primary School is an LEA maintained School situated in the beautiful, coastal town of Aberystwyth, Ceredigion.

There are approximately 450 pupils at the school ranging from 3-11 years of age. Classes are divided into Year groups and there are parallel classes of mixed ability running throughout the school and class sizes vary from 20 to 30 in number. The Nursery classes operate on a part time basis (a.m. / p.m.) for 3 year olds, and full time when they turn 4 years of age. Pupils enter mainstream Reception classes in the September after their 4th birthday.

Our School Community

The school community is a cosmopolitan one; approximately a quarter of our pupils are from countries overseas. In all, there are 38 countries represented and 36 differing languages spoken at the school. We rejoice in the diversity of cultures and religions reflected at the school and in the harmony and friendship which develop among our children.

Our Ethos

At Plascrug School, we aim to establish a climate within the school and classroom in which all children can develop lively, enquiring minds and learn at a pace relevant to their own experience and ability. Pupils develop competence in many skills, e.g. Numeracy, Literacy, Digital Competence, and are able to use these skills with increased confidence, competence, understanding and pleasure in all areas of the curriculum as they progress through the school. 

The school is part of the Healthy Schools scheme and we always seek to promote a healthy lifestyle. We encourage all parents to support healthy eating by ensuring their child has an opportunity to eat a school dinner.

We believe in lifelong learning where we all learn from each other, share experiences and discover the excitement of acquiring new knowledge and understanding together.

Our Teachers

Our warm and friendly team of teachers and teaching assistants support the development of each individual to their full potential, through high expectations and hard work. They understand and meet the need of every type of special need, i.e. physical, intellectual, and emotional, according to the needs and circumstances of each child. We want all our children to experience success, celebrate achievements and feel good about themselves.

It is our hope that all our children become educated, courteous and responsible members of the community; they will have respect for themselves, for their own and others’ achievements, and for religious beliefs and cultures of other people. We strive to create an environment where children and adults see politeness as a norm, where there is a keen sense of belonging and pride in all that they do.

Plascrug School is a place where every child matters. We want to guide our pupils to the road to success where they will achieve their ambitions and fulfil their dreams. 

Watch this video created by the Digital Wizards to welcome our Erasmus visitors to Plascrug School!

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